Places to Visit near Devbagh


Devbagh Beach

Jack's coastal heaven is exactly situated in front of Devbagh beach. This beach is one of the most famous beach from Malvan to visit. Devbagh beach is famous for resorts, watersports activities and, its natural beauty. One can enjoy watching the sun set at Devbagh beach while having a cup of tea or coffee in our resort. Beach is very clean and wide it gives a soothing feeling and people can feel relaxed watching the Arabian sea lushing waves. Beach offers the beautiful serene of Devbagh.


Sangam Point & Crocodile Point

Sangam point is the end of Malvan or the last part. It separates the Arabian sea on 1 side & Devbagh beach on other side. It has water on three sides, unlike beaches. It has white sand. Sangam point attracts people for watersport activities. All types of water sports are done on Sangam point. This point is 5 min away from our resort. One can hire a bike to visit this area then you need to get a boat ride to visit this point. Must visit this point to capture wonderful moments of your fun activities.


Tsunami Island

The Devbagh beach is the south of Tarkarli. It is in form of a triangular shape land that ends at the place where the Karli river meets the sea. The seawater gets in to form backwaters. There is a small island formed in the river that has become very popular and is called Tsunami Island. It has a small shack serving tea, cold drinks, and Dosas! There are all sorts of water sports being done here. Do take a boat ride to see the dolphins. Devbag village has become very popular and is very commercial with practically all roadside houses having converted to resorts. They have positioned it as any other beach town from Goa and is worth a visit.


Tarkarli Beach / MTDC

Good peaceful fairly clean beach.. A complete package in terms of privacy, outdoor sports, nature, scenic beauty, and cost-effectiveness. Tarkarli beach is a Clean & Safe beach. Clearwater makes it look beautiful. Birds flock around herein. Altogether to have a good experience must visit Tarkarli beach for relaxation and fun elements. Spend an evening at Tarkarli beach. Those who don't like very crowded and dirty beaches can choose to go to Tarkarli beach. The place is like heaven for sea lovers, it has very neat and clean silver sand beaches also one can enjoy all water sports like parasailing, scuba diving, jet ski, motorboat at a very reasonable cost.


Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg fort is famous historically as the center Fort was Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his Team of dedicated Soldiers in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. A person can take a local guide and they will tell you a lot of history that's not so well known. A handprint and footprint of Shivaji are preserved here with a temple to Shivaji himself. The fort is historically very important as it shows the construction talent of the 16th century. 100 Rupees is an entry ticket and 5 rupees tax. Fort offers a panoramic view of the ocean. Completely surrounded by sea and only accessible through the main door - Buland Darwaja - fitted with pointed huge spearhead nails to protect. The fort is surrounded by a strong rock fence duly glued with a mixture of zinc, jaggery, limestone n intermittent fitting unseen bolts. The fort still stands tall with all its majesty despite facing the salty winds and water. Boats do a brisk business of ferrying guests to the Fort. Also, shops do sell some small goodies and replicas n books of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj history and incidents. Water-based adventure sports have got a strong base now with parasailing, speed boats, jet ski, bumper ride, and so on. A must-visit fort in Konkan to understand the strategic setting of Sindhudurg.


Nivati Fort & / Nivati Beach

Nivati beach is an Amazing Place feels like it's from Europe or Australia but it's from our Maharashtra located in Vengurla. There is a small Cliff where you can hike and get a lovely view of the beach and the never-ending blue ocean, these types of beaches are also found in Goa. The water is so clear that you can see the underwater rocks. You can reach here by boarding a Bus from Malvan ST stand or by Driving your own car to this village called Nivati. You can also take Boat rides from Devbaug Peninsula but it will be only a sightseeing trip from the boat for a real experience we recommend you to take a visit to this spot by car or by bus.


Light House Vengurla

Lighthouses are always dreamy! You can actually see half the ocean from the top of this lighthouse Vengurla. View from top is mind-blowing, Beautiful and must visit. The lighthouse is up a small hill and next to the Vengurla dock. The trek up the hill and the visit to the lighthouse itself is a fun activity. One can enjoy the view of wide Arabian ocean from the top.


Golden Rock Nivati

Golden rock as the name suggests it's immensely beautiful and a treat to watch. It is in Malvan district off the Devbagh beach near Tsunami Island in Nivati village. A person has to take a boat ride to reach the Golden rock. The boat charges were pretty reasonable and they show some good 6 to 7 places including dolphin point, Nivati beach, Bhogwe beach, and Golden Rock. The place is full of large rocks which are in Golden color especially with early morning sun rays falling on the same! Golden Rock is surrounded by the Arabian Ocean. There are small food arrangements on the way to the golden rock at the shacks on Tsunami island to grab some quick snacks. The place is also famous as it has water sports activities. These water sports include a banana boat ride, jet ski, bumper ride, etc. Other places to visit near golden rock are Crocodile point, Dolphin point, Seagull point, Tsunami island, Nivati beach, light house Vengurla, Bhogwe beach, and so on. It takes around 10 minutes to reach golden rock from our resort.